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[2018-June-New]100% Real Exam Questions-Braindump2go CLO-001 Exam Dumps VCE 239Q Download[12-22]

2018 June new CompTIA CLO-001 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Just Updated Today! Following are some new CLO-001 Real Exam Questions:

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Cloud computing brings new challenges to ___________ management, because traditional licensing models do not fit well with scalable resources.

A. commercial
B. financial
C. legal
D. service

Answer: B

Which of the following is indicated by a high number of variations of different virtual servers?

A. Lack of an automated provisioning process of the virtual machines
B. Lack of automation of virtual machine image manufacturing
C. Lack of manpower to monitor the virtual machines
D. Lack of physical servers to accommodate the different virtual servers

Answer: B

Cloud computing is priced according to ___________ or has ___________, rather than having upfront costs.

A. recurring subscription, a yearly contract
B. a yearly contract, usage-based charges
C. recurring subscription, usage-based charges
D. number of users, a yearly contract

Answer: C

Which change in the security processes is introduced by cloud computing?

A. Increased security of accessing credit card information
B. Regulations need to be updated more frequently
C. Storing passwords in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
D. Working with multiple providers of user identities

Answer: D

Who is responsible for granting access to a user in federated identity management?

A. Identity provider
B. Relying party
C. SaaS provider
D. User

Answer: B

Which of the following is a definition of virtualization?

A. Virtualization is a method to organize servers in a more efficient manner to double the number of accessible users
B. Virtualization is a set of techniques for hiding software resources behind hardware abstractions.
C. Virtualization is a set of techniques for hiding hardware resources behind software abstractions.
D. Virtualization is a method to structure data in a more efficient manner with less cost to the user.

Answer: C

Which of the following confidentiality risks is introduced by cloud computing?

A. Company information can be transmitted electronically
B. Digitizing information makes it easier to copy
C. Government regulations require data to be disclosed
D. Having files stored on the servers of a cloud provider

Answer: D

Which of the following processes needs to be changed to better handle Change Management in the cloud?

A. Financial chargeback
B. Security management
C. Hardware maintenance
D. Software distribution

Answer: D

In which of the following ways do IT outsourcing and cloud computing differ?

A. Cloud computing services are typically much more scalable.
B. Cloud computing is much cheaper.
C. Hardware and software assets are typically customizable.
D. IT outsourcing promotes innovation.

Answer: A

How can an organization successfully implement an IaaS strategy?

A. Standardize on a limited set of virtual machines
B. Continuously execute performance analytics
C. Open up internal databases with Web service access
D. Take inventory of the application portfolio and select external suppliers

Answer: A

Which of the following are strategic exit options?

A. Change the system applications
B. Change the cloud provider
C. Re-host in-house
D. All of the above

Answer: C


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