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2020 New Braindump2go AWS-Certified-Big-Data-Specialty Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new AWS-Certified-Big-Data-Specialty Exam Questions!

New Question
If I write the below command, what does it do?
ec2-run ami-e3a5408a -n 20 -g appserver

A. Start twenty instances as members of appserver group.
B. Creates 20 rules in the security group named appserver
C. Terminate twenty instances as members of appserver group.
D. Start 20 security groups

Answer: A

New Question
While creating an Amazon RDS DB, your first task is to set up a DB ______ that controls what IP addresses or EC2 instances have access to your DB Instance.

A. Security Pool
B. Secure Zone
C. Security Token Pool
D. Security Group

Answer: D

New Question
When you run a DB Instance as a Multi-AZ deployment, the “_____” serves database writes and reads

A. secondary
B. backup
C. stand by
D. primary

Answer: D

New Question
Every user you create in the IAM system starts with _________.

A. Partial permissions
B. Full permissions
C. No permissions

Answer: C

New Question
Can you create IAM security credentials for existing users?

A. Yes, existing users can have security credentials associated with their account.
B. No, IAM requires that all users who have credentials set up are not existing users
C. No, security credentials are created within GROUPS, and then users are associated to GROUPS at a later time.
D. Yes, but only IAM credentials, not ordinary security credentials.

Answer: A

New Question
What does Amazon EC2 provide?

A. Virtual servers in the Cloud.
B. A platform to run code (Java, PHP, Python), paying on an hourly basis.
C. Computer Clusters in the Cloud.
D. Physical servers, remotely managed by the customer.

Answer: A

New Question
Amazon SWF is designed to help users…

A. Design graphical user interface interactions
B. Manage user identification and authorization
C. Store Web content
D. Coordinate synchronous and asynchronous tasks which are distributed and fault tolerant.

Answer: D

New Question
Can I control if and when MySQL based RDS Instance is upgraded to new supported versions?

A. No
B. Only in VPC
C. Yes

Answer: C

New Question
If I modify a DB Instance or the DB parameter group associated with the instance, should I reboot the instance for the changes to take effect?

A. No
B. Yes

Answer: B

New Question
When you view the block device mapping for your instance, you can see only the EBS volumes, not the instance store volumes.

A. Depends on the instance type
C. Depends on whether you use API call

Answer: D

New Question
By default, EBS volumes that are created and attached to an instance at launch are deleted when that instance is terminated. You can modify this behavior by changing the value of the flag_____ to false when you launch the instance

A. DeleteOnTermination
B. RemoveOnDeletion
C. RemoveOnTermination
D. TerminateOnDeletion

Answer: A

New Question
What are the initial settings of an user created security group?

A. Allow all inbound traffic and Allow no outbound traffic
B. Allow no inbound traffic and Allow no outbound traffic
C. Allow no inbound traffic and Allow all outbound traffic
D. Allow all inbound traffic and Allow all outbound traffic

Answer: C

New Question
Will my standby RDS instance be in the same Region as my primary?

A. Only for Oracle RDS types
B. Yes
C. Only if configured at launch
D. No

Answer: B

New Question
What does Amazon Elastic Beanstalk provide?

A. A scalable storage appliance on top of Amazon Web Services.
B. An application container on top of Amazon Web Services.
C. A service by this name doesn’t exist.
D. A scalable cluster of EC2 instances.

Answer: B

New Question
True or False: When using IAM to control access to your RDS resources, the key names that can be used are case sensitive. For example,
aws:CurrentTime is NOT equivalent to AWS:currenttime.


Answer: A

New Question
What will be the status of the snapshot until the snapshot is complete.

A. running
B. working
C. progressing
D. pending

Answer: D

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