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Which three factors help with technology solution adoption? (Choose three.)

A.    Ongoing availability of and support for the previous technology
B.    Increased quality of service for customers
C.    Improved processes that generate better productivity levels
D.    Strong leadership from a senior manager with authority
E.    Education of users as to the need for change
F.    High quality end user support during the adoption phase

Answer: DEF

Which are two factors that you may need to consider when creating an implementation roadmap for your customer? (Choose two.)

A.    technical dependencies between solution components
B.    type of Cisco architecture to be deployed
C.    hard deadlines for key capabilities to be operational
D.    lifecycle management requirements

Answer: AC

Which option describes a dependency?

A.    the reliance of one component on the functionality of another component
B.    a financial term for determining revenue generation requirements
C.    a reliance upon both quantitative and qualitative benefits of a solution component
D.    a way of grouping and classifying similar solution building blocks

Answer: A

Which two options are commonly used to help calculate the size of an identified risk? (Choose two.)

A.    complexity of solution
B.    frequency of occurrence
C.    number of dependencies
D.    level of impact
E.    number of diagnostic steps

Answer: BD

Which option is the name for the overall process of monitoring and managing projects to ensure success criteria are met?

A.    Implementation plan
B.    Governance
C.    Lifecycle management
D.    Maintenance and support

Answer: B

Which three options are recommended as steps in the seven step business process improvement process? (Choose three.)

A.    Decide how to present the data
B.    Define what you should measure
C.    Take short, medium and long term measurements
D.    Analyze the data
E.    Authorize a responsible project manager
F.    Gather the data

Answer: BDF

Which option describes the purpose of a key performance indicator?

A.    Specifies a factor that determines project success
B.    Specifies a measurable target that must be achieved
C.    Provides a way of measuring total cost of ownership
D.    Mitigates project risk

Answer: B

Which option describes the relationship between critical success factors and key performance indicators?

A.    Critical success factors determine success criteria and have no relationship to key performance indicators.
B.    Critical success factors determine success criteria and key performance indicators provide a target for performance.
C.    Critical success factors provide a target for performance and key performance indicators are the supporting metrics.
D.    Critical success factors are measurements taken during project implementation and key performance indicators provide a target for performance.

Answer: B

Which three factors may increase the consumption and adoption of solutions and services? (Choose three.)

A.    increased staffing levels
B.    utilization of innovative new technologies
C.    increased risk
D.    a culture that is resistant to change
E.    inability to accurately measure outcomes
F.    ability to accurately measure outcomes

Answer: ABF

Which component of a technology implementation is often overlooked?

A.    calculation of ongoing operational expenditure
B.    risk mitigation
C.    user adoption
D.    gap analysis

Answer: C


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