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You must configure your access switch with more than 3000 VLANs and you want the ability to load-balance across them.
Which spanning-tree approach has the least impact on control-plane performance?

A.    Configure your access switch with a load-balancing policy and apply it under [edit protocols rstp].
B.    Configure your access switch for Rapid-PVST+.
C.    Configure your access switch for MSTP, incorporating the use of MSTIs.
D.    Configure your access switch for both VSTP and RSTP.

Answer: C

You are implementing MSTP in your network.
Which three values must match on all switches within the MST region? (Choose three)

A.    Context identifier
B.    Region name
C.    VLANs
D.    Revision
E.    Configuration manifest

Answer: BCD

You have been asked to implement a private VLAN with two community VLANs. This private VLAN will be confined to a single switch in your Layer 2 network. This private VLAN, along with other VLANs configured on the switch, will require gateway services provided through a connected router.
Which statement about this deployment is true?

A.    All isolated ports must be configured as trunk ports.
B.    A minimum of one promiscuous trunk port is required.
C.    Both community VLANs must have an assigned VLAN IDs.
D.    A minimum of one private VLAN trunk port is required.

Answer: B

During the BGP route-resolution process, the Junos OS must calculate the appropriate next-hop based on the BGP protocol next-hop attribute.
Which two routing tables are checked during this process in a default Junos configuration? (Choose two.)

A.    inet.0
B.    inet.1
C.    inet.2
D.    inet.3

Answer: AD

You have a requirement for a device to provide 20 W of power over Ethernet.
What meets this requirement?

A.    Bond two standard PoE ports together to achieve 30.8 W of power.
B.    Install an external redundant power supply in the switch to increase the total power load.
C.    Select a switch that has PoE+ support.
D.    Enable LLDP-MED to transfer power from other switches.

Answer: C

R1 has an OSPF adjacency with R2 over a point-to-point link.
Which three statements about the advertisements for this link in the Type 1 (Router) LSA generated by R1 are true? (Choose three.)

A.    It has a value in the link ID field with R2’s interface IP address.
B.    It has a value in the link ID field with R2’s router ID.
C.    It has a link-type of point-to-point (Type 1).
D.    It has a link-type of Transit (Type 2).
E.    It has a link-type of stub (Type 3).

Answer: BDE

What is the significance of the multicast address range through

A.    They have link-local scope.
B.    They have administrative region scope.
C.    They are reserved for future use.
D.    They have a scope of two or more hops from a router.

Answer: A

You must prioritize VoIP packets on your network.
Which feature will accomplish this goal?

A.    RSVP
B.    Multicast Routing
C.    VPLS
D.    Class of Service

Answer: C

You notice that a number of IGMP leave group messages are passing through a BMA network and are impacting the network’s performance.
What would you do to resolve this issue without affecting multicast traffic?

A.    Apply an import policy to control leave group messages.
B.    Suppress group-specific queries.
C.    Suppress generic IGMP queries.
D.    Enable promiscuous-mode in IGMP.

Answer: B

A network administrator is configuring CoS on a switch and assigns forwarding classes call-sig and critical to the same queue number per the configuration below:
class-of-service {
forwarding-classes {
class best-effort queue-num 0;
class bulk-data queue-num 1;
class critical queue-num 3;
class voice queue-num 6;
class call-sig queue-num 3;
Based on the configuration, which option prioritizes call-sig traffic over critical traffic?

A.    Assign call-sig and critical to different schedulers.
B.    Assign call-sig and critical to different scheduler maps.
C.    Assign a loss priority of high to the packets in the critical forwarding class and configure drop profiles in the scheduler configuration.
D.    Assign a loss priority of high to the packets in the critical forwarding class and set priority high in the scheduler configuration.

Answer: C


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