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New Question
A user’s PC became infected with a virus after the user attempted to open what appeared to be an MP3 file. Which of the following folder options MOST likely led to this issue?

A. Always show icons, never thumbnails
B. Always show menus
C. Hide extensions for known file types
D. how hidden files

Answer: C

New Question
A user is experiencing a problem with print jobs getting stuck in the queue. The technician attempts to stop the print jobs but the printer is not responding via GUI from the workstation.
The printer was added via the company print server earlier in the day and is the only printer installed.
Which of the following command line tools should the technician use on the print server’? (Select TWO)

A. net stop server
B. taskkill /s
C. net stop spooler
D. tasklist /s
E. net start spooler
F. net start server

Answer: CE

New Question
A technician is implementing multifactor authentication for a high-security organization Which of the following physical security technologies should the technician propose for implementation? (Select TWO).

A. Strong passwords
B. Fingerprint reader
C. Mantraps
D. Smart cards
E. Cablelocks
F. Privacy filters

Answer: BD

New Question
A technician is installing a private PC in a public workspace.
Which of the following password practices should the technician implement on the PC to secure network access?

A. Remove the guest account from the administrators group
B. Disable single sign-on
C. Issue a default strong password for all users
D. Require authentication on wake-up

Answer: D

New Question
Joe, an employee, took a company-issues Windows laptop home, but is having trouble connecting to any of the shares hosted on his home media server.
Joe has verified he is connected to the Internet.
Which of the following would explain why Joe cannot access his personal shares?

A. An IP conflict is present
B. A corporate VPN is enabled
C. A firewall exception must be set
D. HomeGroup must be enabled

Answer: C

New Question
A user believes there is a virus on a laptop. The user installs additional real-time protection antivirus software but is now experiencing extremely slow performance on the laptop.
Which of the following should a technician do to resolve the issue and avoid recurrence?

A. Activate real-time protection on both antivirus software programs
B. Uninstall one antivirus software program and install a different one
C. Run OS updates
D. Enable the quarantine feature on both antivirus software programs
E. Remove the user-installed antivirus software

Answer: E

New Question
A user who is running Windows XP calls a technician to upgrade the computer to a newer Windows OS. The user states the computer has only 1GB of RAM and 16GB of hard drive space with a 1,7GHz processor.
Which of the following OSs should the technician recommended to ensure the BEST performance on this computer?

A. Windows 7
B. Windows 8
C. Windows 8.1
D. Windows 10

Answer: A

New Question
Joe, a customer, has informed a Tier 2 help desk technician that a computer will not boot up. After about ten minutes of troubleshooting, Joe is increasingly concerned and claims that the technician is wasting his time because he has already tried everything that has been suggested.
Which of the following should the technician do?

A. Since Joe is concerned about time, suggest calling back later when Joe has more time to troubleshoot
B. Record the call and send it to the local intranet for future technicians to learn how to deal with calls like this one
C. Ask more open-ended questions to see if the issue can be narrowed down in order to properly identify the issue and save time
D. Inform the customer that there is a troubleshooting script that must be followed to get the issue resolved

Answer: C

New Question
Which of the following security methods BEST describes when a user enters a username and password once for multiple applications?

B. Permission propagation
C. Inheritance

Answer: A

New Question
A technician is setting up a kiosk. The technician needs to ensure the kiosk is secure and users will have access to only the application needed for customer interaction. The technician must also ensure that whenever the computer is rebooted or powered on it logs on automatically without a password.
Which of the following account types would the technician MOST likely set up on this kiosk machine?

A. Guest
B. Administrator
C. Power User
D. Remote Desktop User

Answer: A

New Question
Ann a technician, operates a humanitarian relief business that often requires travel to harsh environments with a number of computers and equipment.
An upcoming relief effort will require her to travel to a dry and dusty location.
Which of the following items should Ann plan to bring to protect her equipment from the elements’? (Select TWO)

A. Heating elements
B. Compressed air cans
C. Extra computer cases
D. Spare cables
E. Humidifier
F. Oxygen tanks

Answer: BE

New Question
As part of a regulatory compliance review, an organization determines it must migrate public cloud services, providing capabilities into the organizations datacenter.
Which of the following does the organization plan to implement?

A. laaS cloud
B. Private cloud
C. Community cloud
D. Hybrid cloud

Answer: B
Private clouds, hosted in private data centers, consist of infrastructure that is used exclusively by a single organization, providing greater control over operations.

New Question
A technician installs new software on a customer’s Windows 8 1 computer and is getting a missing DLL error. The technician verifies that the DLL file is located m the proper directory. Which of the following tools could be used to resolve this issue1?

A. grub
B. regsvr32
C. defrag
D. tracert

Answer: B

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