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Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration on the scan behavior must be updated to allow the attachment to be scanned on the Cisco ESA?

A.    Add an additional mapping for attachment type for zip files.
B.    Enable assume match pattern if the email was not scanned for any reason.
C.    Increase the maximum recursion depth from 5 to a larger value.
D.    Increase the maximum attachment size to scan to a larger value.

Answer: A

Users have been complaining of a higher volume of emails containing profanity. The network administrator will need to leverage dictionaries and create specific conditions to reduce the number of inappropriate emails.
Which two filters should be configured to address this? (Choose two.)

A.    message
B.    spam
C.    VOF
D.    sender group
E.    content

Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit. What is the correct order of commands to set filter 2 to active?

A.    filters-> edit-> 2-> Active
B.    filters-> modify-> All-> Active
C.    filters-> detail-> 2-> 1
D.    filters-> set-> 2-> 1

Answer: D

A network administrator notices that there are a high number of queries to the LDAP server. The mail logs show an entry “550 Too many invalid recipients | Connection closed by foreign host.”
Which feature must be used to address this?

A.    DHAP
B.    SBRS
C.    LDAP
D.    SMTP

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibits. What must be done to enforce end user authentication before accessing quarantine?

A.    Enable SPAM notification and use LDAP for authentication.
B.    Enable SPAM Quarantine Notification and add the %quarantine_url% variable.
C.    Change the end user quarantine access from None authentication to SAAS.
D.    Change the end user quarantine access setting from None authentication to Mailbox.

Answer: A

An engineer is configuring a Cisco ESA for the first time and needs to ensure that any email traffic coming from the internal SMTP servers is relayed out through the Cisco ESA and is tied to the Outgoing Mail Policies.
Which Mail Flow Policy setting should be modified to accomplish this goal?

A.    Exception List
B.    Connection Behavior
C.    Bounce Detection Signing
D.    Reverse Connection Verification

Answer: B

An organization wants to use its existing Cisco ESA to host a new domain and enforce a separate corporate policy for that domain.
What should be done on the Cisco ESA to achieve this?

A.    Use the smtproutes command to configure a SMTP route for the new domain.
B.    Use the deli very config command to configure mail delivery for the new domain.
C.    Use the dsestconf command to add a separate destination for the new domain.
D.    Use the altrchost command to add a separate gateway for the new domain.

Answer: A

An engineer is configuring an SMTP authentication profile on a Cisco ESA which requires certificate verification.
Which section must be configured to accomplish this goal?

A.    Mail Flow Policies
B.    Sending Profiles
C.    Outgoing Mail Policies
D.    Verification Profiles

Answer: A

Which component must be added to the content filter to trigger on failed SPF Verification or DKIM Authentication verdicts?

A.    status
B.    response
C.    parameter
D.    condition

Answer: D

An organization wants to use DMARC to improve its brand reputation by leveraging DNS records.
Which two email authentication mechanisms are utilized during this process? (Choose two.)

A.    SPF
B.    DSTP
C.    DKIM
D.    TLS
E.    PKI

Answer: AC

An engineer is tasked with reviewing mail logs to confirm that messages sent from domain abc.com are passing SPF verification and being accepted by the Cisco ESA. The engineer notices that SPF verification is not being performed and that SPF is not being referenced in the logs for messages sent from domain abc.com.
Why is the verification not working properly?

A.    SPF verification is disabled in the Recipient Access Table.
B.    SPF verification is disabled on the Mail Flow Policy.
C.    The SPF conformance level is set to SIDF compatible on the Mail Flow Policy.
D.    An SPF verification Content Filter has not been created.

Answer: D

An administrator needs to configure Cisco ESA to ensure that emails are sent and authorized by the owner of the domain. Which two steps must be performed to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    Generate keys.
B.    Create signing profile.
C.    Create Mx record.
D.    Enable SPF verification.
E.    Create DMARC profile.

Answer: DE

What is the purpose of Cisco Email Encryption on Cisco ESA?

A.    to ensure anonymity between a recipient and MTA
B.    to ensure integrity between a sender and MTA
C.    to authenticate direct communication between a sender and Cisco ESA
D.    to ensure privacy between Cisco ESA and MTA

Answer: D

A Cisco ESA administrator has noticed that new messages being sent to the Centralized Policy Quarantine are being released after one hour. Previously, they were being held for a day before being released.
What was configured that caused this to occur?

A.    The retention period was changed to one hour.
B.    The threshold settings were set to override the clock settings.
C.    The retention period was set to default.
D.    The threshold settings were set to default.

Answer: D

What are organizations trying to address when implementing a SPAM quarantine?

A.    true positives
B.    false negatives
C.    false positives
D.    true negatives

Answer: C
https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/esa/esa12-0/user_guide/b_ESA_Admin_Guide_12_0/b_ESA_Admin_Guide_12_0_chapter_0100000.html#con_ 1482874

Which two Cisco ESA features are used to control email delivery based on the sender? (Choose two.)

A.    incoming mail policies
B.    spam quarantine
C.    outbreak filter
D.    safelists
E.    blocklists

Answer: DE

Drag and Drop Question
An administrator must ensure that emails sent from [email protected] are routed through an alternate virtual gateway. Drag and drop the snippet from the bottom onto the blank in the graphic to finish the message filter syntax. Not all snippets are used.

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