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Question: 25
A Microsoft Windows user is preparing to work in another country and needs to comply with corporate policy for data protection when copying files to portable medi
a. Which of the following solutions would MOST likely satisfy this requirement?
A. A USB 3.1 flash drive with BitLocker to Go installed
B. An SD memory card with NTFS
C. An xD memory card with ext3
D. A portable hard drive with FAT32

Answer: A

Question: 26
A technician installed a Cat 5 UTP cable approximately 275ft (84m) from a network switch in an office to a workstation located on a factory floor The technician sees both a flashing green LED and a flashing orange LED on the workstation’s NIC. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

A. Check for loose connections, pinched bends, and physical damage.
B. Install a powered hub as close as possible to the halfway point in the Cat 5 UTP cable run.
C. Replace the entire run of Cat 5 UTP cable with Cat 5 STP cable.
D. Upgrade the entire cable run to multimode fiber.

Answer: A

Question: 27
A user acquired a new workstation and is attempting to open multiple targe Excel files simultaneously. The user is not experiencing the expected performance when executing such large requests. Which of the following should a technician do FIRST?

A. Increase the swap partition.
B. Upgrade the CPU in the workstation.
C. Upgrade the power supply in the workstation.
D. Upgrade the RAM in the workstation.

Answer: D

Question: 28
An engineer is experiencing unexpected reboots on a graphics workstation when rendering complex 3-D models. The workstation is configured with a 115V power supply that is rated at 200W and connected to a UPS. The central processing unit contains 16 hyperthreaded cores, and a discrete graphics solution utilizing an 8-pin power connector is installed in a PCI Express x16 slot. Which of the following indicates where the technician should begin troubleshooting?

A. The UPS, as 115V is insufficient for the configuration and should be increased to 220V
B. The power supply, as 200W is insufficient when the GPU is heavily tasked
C. The graphics card, as it is the component that triggers the unexpected reboots
D. The motherboard, as only standard PCI slots should be used for high-end graphics cards, not PCI Express slots

Answer: B

Question: 29
A user submitted a ticket to report an issue with a new printer that is no longer accepting new print jobs. The technician verifies the printer is on and notices the printer LCD screen has the following error message:
Paper Jam, Jam in fuser.
Which of the following is the MOST efficient next step the technician should complete?

A. Apply a maintenance kit to the printer
B. Check the printer paper path to locate any obstructions.
C. Turn the printer on and off to see if the error clears.
D. Replace the fuser.

Answer: B

Question: 30
A technician needs to fix a Cat 5 cable issue. The cable, which is connected to a network jack, fails when it is moved around. Which of the following items must the technician use to fix the issue? (Select TWO).

A. Scissors
B. Network tap
C. Magnetized screwdriver
D. Tone generator
E. RJ45 connector
F. Crimper

Answer: A, E

Question: 31
A remote user called the help desk to report a notification indicating there is limited or no connectivity. The user can access local file folders and other local machines but none of the organization’s servers or network items. Web pages do not appear to function either. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. The user’s internet connection is down.
B. The user’s domain account is locked out.
C. The user’s switch has stopped working.
D. The user’s IP address needs to be renewed.

Answer: D

Question: 32
A company wants to use client-side visualization for application testing. Which of the following configurations would BEST support this goal?




A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Answer: A

Question: 33
A user’s computer is not receiving a network connection. The technician confirms that the connection seems to be down and looks for the user’s port on the patch panel. The port and patch panel are not labeled. Which of the following network tools should the technician use to identify the port?

A. Network tap
B. Punchdown tool
C. Toner probe
D. Crimper

Answer: A

Question: 34
Which of the following network devices is used to separate broadcast domains?

A. Switch
B. Wireless access point
C. Router
D. Hub

Answer: A

Question: 35
A customer reports that access to the network fileshare has become much slower than usual, but local applications do not seem to have trouble. The technician checks the download bandwidth and finds no issues. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT?

A. Level of network utilization
B. Customer use of two-factor authentication
C. Amount of local drive space
D. RAID array drive health

Answer: B

Question: 36
Which of the following is a valid use for PaaS?

A. Off-site backups
B. An application development environment
C. A virtual server installation and configuration model
D. A web application for asset management

Answer: A

Question: 37
An IT manager discovered that hundreds of pages of printed materials are being recycled each day because the materials are left on the printer tray instead of being picked up by users. Which of the following would BEST prevent this waste?

A. Send friendly reminders to not print unnecessarily.
B. Enable duplex printing to reduce paper utilization.
C. Bill each department for the excess material cost.
D. Require a code or badge before releasing a print job.

Answer: B

Question: 38
A technician unboxed a new computer, plugged it in to a UPS. and connected the requested peripherals. The computer lights and fans turn on, but the technician hears three loud, consecutive beeps during boot. Which of the following actions will remediate the issue?

A. Replacing the power supply
B. Replacing the UPS
C. Changing the CMOS battery
D. Reseating the RAM

Answer: D

Question: 39
A remote user reports connectivity issues with the local internet provider. Even after a technician reboots the modem supplied by the ISP. the issue persists. Which of the following would BEST establish the connection in minimal time?

A. Radio frequency ISP
B. Neighbor’s Wi-Fi
C. Mobile hotspot
D. Fiber optic

Answer: C

Question: 40
A user’s mobile phone gets really hot to the touch and does not retain a charge. The user also reports that the phone is very slow, especially while charging. Which of the following is MOST likely causing these symptoms?

A. Broken charging port
B. Digitizer failure
C. CPU overheating
D. Defective battery

Answer: D

Question: 41
A technician powers on a PC and its monitor and sees the following error message: No input signal detected
The display lights on the computer are on. Which of the following is a possible solution?

A. Changing the BIOS settings
B. Changing the connector setting on the monitor
C. Checking the power plug on the monitor
D. Checking the power plug on the PC

Answer: B

Question: 42
A technician needs to add storage to a workstation. The workstation does not have room to add any internal storage, so the technician plans to add an external storage device. Which of the following connection types should the technician MOST likely use?


Answer: B

Question: 43
Upon booting a workstation, a technician hears a distinct clicking sound after power is applied to the motherboard. Which of the following would MOST likely be the cause?

C. S.M.A.R.T

Answer: D

Question: 44
A user failed to gain access to a building’s entrance after security measures at the entrance were upgraded last week. The company implemented the 13.56MHz frequency short band, and users can now utilize their mobile devices to authenticate. Which of the following has to be enabled for the mobile device to authenticate?

A. Bluetooth
B. Biometrics

Answer: C

Question: 45
A user brings an older laptop to the help desk and reports issues with the keyboard. Upon inspection, the technician does not see any external damage but notices that many keystrokes da not register in a word processor. The laptop works fine when the technician tests it with an external keyboard. Which of the following actions would MOST likely resolve the issue?

A. Disable the sticky keys feature.
B. Clean the keyboard.
C. Reset the BIOS settings to default.
D. Charge the laptop.

Answer: C

Question: 46
An administrator is configuring a corporate-owned smartphone for a new manager. The company requires the ability to wipe the phone’s data remotely in the event of loss or theft and the capability to approve applications installed on the phone. Which of the following tools would BEST meet this need?

A. Tethering to a corporate-owned laptop
B. WPA2-Enterpise wireless
C. Corporate enterprise email
D. Mobile device management

Answer: D

Question: 47
A technician identified an issue on a workstation, obtained details from the user, and made a backup of the system. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A. Determine the next steps to resolve the issue and document it.
B. Design a plan of action to resolve the issue and implement the solution.
C. Document the findings, actions, and outcomes.
D. Establish a theory of probable cause, researching internally or externally as needed.

Answer: A

Question: 48
A user contacts the help desk in reference to a failing thumbprint scanner. The user states the scanner was functioning correctly yesterday. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should be performed FIRST after the ticket has been filed?

A. Inquire about possible changes.
B. File a damage report.
C. Requisition a new scanner.
D. Attempt to clean the scanner.

Answer: D

Question: 49
A user submitted a support ticket that states all of the printouts from a laser printer appear to have double images imposed on them. A review of past printer support tickets shows that maintenance kit has not been installed in more than a year. Which of the following printer consumables is MOST likely causing the issue?

A. Separation pad
B. Transfer roller
C. Ink cartridge
D. Fuser

Answer: D

Question: 50
An end user reports that the time and date on a desktop resets after shutdown, and subsequently, the device reboots. The next day, the desktop does not load the OS and is stuck at a black screen with the following message:
Which of the following would be the BEST action to take next?

A. Change the motherboard.
B. Reseat the motherboard power connections.
C. Replace the CMOS battery.
D. Restore the BIOS to factory default settings.

Answer: C

Question: 51
An organization is looking to upgrade the processing ability for its computers. Most users report that whenever multiple applications are being utilized, the system’s response time slows down drastically. When only one application is open, the response time is acceptable. Which of the following should be upgraded FIRST?


Answer: C

Question: 52
Which of the following BEST describes the main function of a web server?

A. Storing files and controlling user access
B. Setting up personal mailboxes and calendars
C. Providing IP addresses and printing services
D. Hosting home pages and business portals

Answer: D

Question: 53
Client-side virtualization guest machines have security requirements similar to physical machines, but they also need to ensure separation from other guest machines. Which of the following BEST describes this client-side guest security requirement?

A. Isolation
B. Authentication
C. Hardening
D. Authorization

Answer: A

Question: 54
A technician goes to a classroom to troubleshoot a projector that occasionally powers off. The technician recreates the issue and notices the projector will not power back on until approximately 15 minutes have passed. After 15 minutes of being powered on. the projector shuts off again. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT to resolve the issue?

A. Clean the filter.
B. Adjust the standby timeout.
C. Check the power cable connection.
D. Replace the bulb.

Answer: A

Question: 55
A user in a medical office contacts a technician regarding a printer that is used to print A4-sized labels. After the labels are printed, they mistakenly contain white space in the middle of the page. Which of the following would MOST likely be the cause?

A. Contaminated fuser
B. Worn rollers
C. A misfeed
D. Page orientation

Answer: A

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