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New Question
Which option cannot be recorded as a video greeting in Cisco Unity Connection 10.x?

A. alternate
B. holiday
C. closed
D. internal
E. error
F. standard
G. busy

Answer: E

New Question
Which description of how dialed numbers are recorded in the Call Detail Record in Cisco Unified Communications Manager is true?

A. Neither forced authorization codes or names are recorded in CDR.
B. CDR records the dialed numbers after route pattern level digit manipulation.
C. CDR records the dialed numbers prior to translation level digit manipulation.
D. Client Matter Codes are not included in CDR for security reasons.
E. CDR records the dialed numbers after route list level digit manipulation.

Answer: B

New Question
Which of the below characteristics of RPL is true?

A. RPL is designed for lossy networks.
B. RPL can send only messages in secured mode.
C. RPL uses hello messages to send routing updates to its neighbors.
D. RPL is an IPv6 link-state routing protocol.

Answer: A

New Question
Which two types of patterns are always nonurgent in Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 11.0 (Choose two.)

A. Voice Mail Directory Number
B. Remote Destination Directory Number
C. Voice Mail Pilot
D. Hunt Pilot
E. Route Pattern
F. Translation Pattern

Answer: AC

New Question
Which route pattern is matched in Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 11.0 when a user dials 2001?

A. 200X configured with urgent priority
B. 20[02-4]1 configured with urgent priority
C. 200[1-4] configured with urgent priority
D. 200[^2-4] configured with urgent priority
E. 200! configured with urgent priority

Answer: C

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Which description of the event captured in the SIP message between a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router and Cisco Unity Express is true?

A. An SIP IP phone initialed this SIP message to Cisco Unity Express for MWI to request MWI information.
B. The Cisco UCM Express router initialed this SIP message in response to an earlier solicitation from Cisco Unity Express for MWI information.
C. The Cisco UCM Express router forwarded this SIP message, originated from a registered SIP IP phone, to Cisco Unity Express to request MWI information.
D. The Cisco UCM Express router initialed this SIP message to Cisco Unity Express for message notifications.
E. An SIP IP phone initiated this message to the Cisco UCM Express router to request MWI information.

Answer: E

New Question
The Cisco Unified CM 9.0 publisher server in a five-node cluster failed to boot after a power outage. Which four configuration modifications can still be made on the remaining nodes? (Choose four.)

A. Call Forward All
B. Device Security Profile
C. PIN Reset
D. Add a new DN
E. Extension Mobility Login
F. Busy Trigger
G. Message Waiting Indication
H. Device Mobility

Answer: AEGH

New Question
Which option describes how NFV, OpenStack, and KVM relate to each other?

A. OpenStack and NFV enable KVM.
B. NFV and KVM are based on OpenStack.
C. OpenStack and KVM can be used to provide NFV.
D. OpenStack and KVM are not related to NFV.

Answer: C

New Question
VMs are best suited to running what kind of workloads?

A. Monolithic applications
B. Jobs that scale, but don’t interact much
C. Cloud Native applications
D. Microservices
E. Cloud-based applications

Answer: D

New Question
Refer to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration descriptions below. When a call made from Phone A Line 1 to 30001, using Line1, which route pattern is chosen by the Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
Phone A device calling search space is CSS_Dev_A.
Phone A Line 1 is assigned calling search space CSS_Line_A.
Route Pattern 30XXX is placed in Partition Part_1.
Route Pattern 3XXXX is placed in Partition Part_2.
Route Pattern 300XX is placed in Partition Part_3.
CSS_Dev_A contains partition(s) Part_1.
CSS_Line_A contains partition(s) Part_2.

A. 300XX in partition Part_3
B. 30XXX in partition Part_1
C. No match exists and the user receives a reorder tone
D. 3XXXX in partition Part_2

Answer: B

New Question
Which three options are Interior device types in Cisco Unified Communications Manager logical partitioning policies? (Choose three.)

A. MGCP gateway with FXO ports
B. SIP IP phones
C. media termination points
D. MGCP gateway with FXS ports
E. MGCP gateway with Q.SIG PRI
F. SIP trunk to Cisco Unity Connection

Answer: BDF

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