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New Question
Which of the following fields are required in a standard GRE packet header? (Select three choices.)

A. Protocol Type
B. Sequence Number
C. Key
D. Checksum
E. Reserved 0
F. Reserved 1
G. Version

Answer: AEG

New Question
You want to issue an extended traceroute command that allows only one probe per TTL level.
Which of the following features should you modify?

A. Target IP address
B. Maximum Time to Live
C. Source address
D. Probe count
E. Port Number

Answer: D

New Question
Which of the following fields are optional GRE header fields? (Select four.)

A. Checksum
B. Protocol Type
C. Sequence Number
D. Reserved 0
E. Reserved 1
F. Key
G. Version

Answer: ACEF

New Question
How did Router1 acquire an IPv6 address on Ethernet0/0?
Router1# show ipv6 interface
Ethernet0/0 is up, line protocol is up
IPv6 is enabled, link-local address is FE80::A8BB:CCFF:FE00:500
No Virtual link-local address(es):
Stateless address autoconfig enabled
Global unicast address(es):
2001:DB8:A:0:A8BB:CCFF:FE00:500, subnet is 2001:DB8:A::/64 [EUI/CAL/PRE]
valid lifetime 2591961 preferred lifetime 604761
< … output omitted …>

A. via DHCPv6 Lite
B. via DHCPv6
C. via manual configuration
D. via stateless autoconfiguration

Answer: D
Because Stateless address autoconfig is enabled in the show output.

New Question
Which command enables you to verify the IP address configured on a router’s interface?

A. ipconfig
B. arp -a
C. show ip arp
D. show ip interface

Answer: D

New Question
How can you create a floating static route?

A. Provide the static route with a metric higher than the preferred source of the route
B. Provide the static route with a metric lower than the preferred source of the route
C. Provide the static route with an AD higher than the preferred source of the route
D. Provide the static route with an AD lower than the preferred source of the route

Answer: A

New Question
Which three of the following are reasons EIGRP neighbor relationships might not form? (Choose three)

A. Different timers
B. Different autonomous system numbers
C. Different K values
D. Different authentication parameters

Answer: BCD

New Question
Which statement correctly describes the protect violation mode?

A. The interface clears all dynamic MAC-addresses when a security violation occurs.
B. A security violation sends a trap to the network management station.
C. It drops packets with unknown source addresses until you remove a sufficient number of secure
MAC addresses to drop below the maximum value.
D. The interface is error-disabled when a security violation occurs.

Answer: C

New Question
Which command enables you to display the IPv6 BGP table?

A. show ipv6 bgp
B. show bgp ipv6 summary
C. show bgp ipv6 unicast
D. show ip bgp

Answer: C

New Question
Network maintenance planning includes all except which of the following?

A. Change-control procedures
B. Scheduling maintenance
C. Effective communication
D. Defining templates/procedures/conventions
E. Network security design
F. Network documentation

Answer: E

New Question
A client reports all password in plan text after running ‘show archive log config all’. How can you prevent/encrypt all messages?

A. aaa authentication arap
B. hidekeys
C. password encrypt aes
D. service-password encryption

Answer: D

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