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Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must modify the existing QoS policy-map statement to implement LLQ for voice traffic. Which change must the engineer make in the configuration?

A. bandwidth 170 to LLQ 170
B. bandwidth 170 to priority 170
C. bandwidth 170 to reserve 170
D. bandwidth 170 to percent 170

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A collaboration engineer needs to replace the original, single NTP server that was configured during the initial install of a Cisco UCM server.
What is the first step to accomplish this task?

A. Restart the NTP service on Cisco UCM.
B. Enable NTP authentication for the new NTP server on Cisco UCM.
C. Stop the NTP service on Cisco UCM.
D. Delete the original NTP server from Cisco UCM

Answer: D

An administrator executes the debug isdn q931 command while debugging a failed call.
After a test call is placed, the logs return a disconnect cause code of 1.
What is the cause of this problem?

A. The destination number rejects the call
B. The destination number is busy
C. The media resource is unavailable
D. The dialed number is not assigned to an endpoint

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. There is a call flow between Phone A and Phone B Phone B (holder) places Phone A (holder) on hold.
Which MRGL and Audio Source are played to Phone A?

A. MRGL A and Audio Source 4
B. MRGL B and Audio Source 4
C. MRGL B and Audio Source 2
D. MRGL A and Audio Source 2

Answer: C

A SIP phone has been configured in the system with MAC address 0030 96D2 D5CB.
The phone retrieves the configuration file from the Cisco UCM.
Which naming format is the file that is downloaded?

A. SIPOO3O96D2D5CB.cnf.xml
B. SEP003096D2D5CB.cnf.xml
C. SEP0030406706705.cnf
D. SIP0030406706705.cnf

Answer: A

Where in Cisco UCM are codec negotiations configured for endpoints?

A. in enterprise parameters
B. under device profiles in device settings
C. under regions using preference lists
D. in in-service parameters

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A call from +1 613 555 1234 that is sent out through the Nice Gateways should result in a calling party of 001 613 555 1234 with the numbering type “international”.
Which configuration accomplishes this goal?

A. \+.l pre-dot 00 international
B. \+ 0011 pre-dot 1 international
C. \+1 ! none pre-dot 001 international
D. 613XXXXXXX none +011 international

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Unanswered calls do not reach the voicemail associated with the phones Instead, callers receive the default greeting.
Which action fixes the configuration?

A. Reboot Cisco Unity Connection
B. Review the conversation manager logs on Cisco Unity Connection
C. Check the box “Redirecting Diversion Header Delivery – Outbound”, then reset the trunk
D. Check the box “Redirecting Diversion Header Delivery – Outbound”

Answer: C

Callers from a branch report getting busy tones intermittently when trying to reach colleagues in other office branches during peak hours.
An engineer collects Cisco CallManager service traces to examine the situation. The traces show:

What should be fixed to resolve the issue?

A. codec configuration
B. region configuration
C. class of service configuration
D. geolocation configuration

Answer: C

An engineer implements a new Cisco UCM based telephony system per these requirements:
– The local Ethernet bandwidth is sized based on the total bandwidth per call
– A G.736 codec is used.
– The bit rate is 64 kbps
– The codec sample interval is 10 ms.
– The voice payload size is 160 bytes per 20 ms.
What should the size of the Ethernet bandwidth be per call?

A. 31 2 kbps
B. 38.4 kbps
C. 55.2 kbps
D. 87.2 kbps

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A collaboration engineer configures Cisco UCM to act as a DHCP server.
What must be done next to configure the DHCP server?

A. Restart the TFTP service under Cisco Unified Serviceability
B. Add a DHCP subnet to the DHCP server under Cisco UCM Administration
C. Restart the Cisco DHCP Monitor Service under Cisco Unified Serviceability.
D. Add the new DHCP server to the primary DNS server

Answer: D

Which action is required for a firewall configuration on a Mobile and Remote Access through Cisco Expressway deployment?

A. The traversal zone on Expressway-C points to Expressway-E through the peer address field on the traversal zone, which specifies the Expressway-E server address. For dual NIC deployments, set the Expressway-E address using an FQDN that resolves the IP address of the internal interface
B. The internal firewall must allow these inbound and outbound connections between Expressway-C and Expressway-E. SIP: HTTPS (tunnelled overSSH between C and E): TCP 2222; TCP 7001; Traversal Media: UDP 2776 to 2777 (or 36000 to 36011 for large VM/appliance): XMPP: TCP 7400.
C. The external firewall must allow these inbound connections to Expressway: SIP: TCP 5061; HTTPS: TCP 8443: XMPP: TCP 5222; Media: UDP 36002 to 59999.
D. Do not use a shared address for Expressway-E and Expressway-C, as the firewall cannot distinguish between them If static NAT for IP addressing on Expressway-E is used, ensure that any NAT operation on Expressway-C does not resolve the same traffic IP address Shared NAT is not supported.

Answer: B

Which characteristic of distributed class-based weighted fair queueing addresses jitter prevention?

A. lt provides additional granularity by allowing a user to create classes
B. It minimizes jitter by implementing a priority queue for voice traffic
C. It uses a priority queue for voice traffic to avoid jitter
D. It provides additional granularity by allowing a user to define custom classes

Answer: A

A company hosts a conference call with no local users.
How does the administrator stop the conference from continuing?

A. modifies the Block OffNet to OffNet Transfer service parameter
B. removes the transcoder
C. changes the codecs that are supported on the conference resource
D. modifies the Drop Ad Hoc Conference service parameter

Answer: A

What happens to voice packets from a Cisco 8845 IP Phone in the QoS trust boundary?

A. The phone and access layer switch negotiate the classification of packets
B. The voice packets are classified by the phone, and the classification is accepted.
C. Cisco UCM determines how the voice packets are classified
D. The voice packets are not trusted, and the access layer switch reclassifies the packets.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer configures a VoIP dial peer on a Cisco gatewa.
Which codec is used?

A. No codec is used (missing codec command).
B. G.729r8
C. G.711ulaw
D. G.711alaw

Answer: B

A collaboration engineer adds a voice gateway to Cisco UCM. The engineer creates a new gateway device in Cisco UCM, selects VG320 as the device type and selects MGCP as the protocol. What must be done next to add the gateway to the Cisco UCM database?

A. Configure the module in slot 0 of the new gateway
B. Select the DTMF relay type for the gateway
C. Select a device pool for the new gateway
D. Add the FQDN or hostname of the device

Answer: A

An administrator configures Cisco UCM to use UDP for SIP signaling and finds that an endpoint cannot make calls.
Which action resolves this issue?

A. Change the phone security profile.
B. Change the SIP dial rules.
C. Change the SIP profile
D. Change the common phone profile.

Answer: A

What is a capability of Cisco Expressway?

A. It provides access to on-premises Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure for remote endpoints
B. It has remote endpoint enrollment with Certificate Authority Proxy Function
C. It functions as an analog telephony adapter
D. It gives directory access for remote users via Cisco Directory Integration

Answer: A

After an engineer implements the FAC and CMC features together, users report that calls take almost one minute to complete and that they occasionally hear the reorder tone.
Which two actions address this issue? (Choose two.)

A. Advise the user to press the “#” button after dialling the FAC and CMC codes
B. Change the code if the problem persists i/i-Advise the user to hang up and try again
C. Adjust the T302 timer from the default of 15 seconds to 5 seconds to shorten the interdigit timer
D. Do not wait for the tones immediately dial the FAC and CMC

Answer: AC

An administrator troubleshoots call flows and suspects that there are issues with the dial plan.
Which tool enables a quick analysis of the dial plan and provides call flows of dialed digits?

A. Digit Analysis Analyzer
B. Dialed Number Analyzer
C. Cisco Dial Plan Analyzer
D. Dial Plan Analyzer

Answer: B

A company’s employees have been complaining that they have been unable to select options on the internal IVR of the help desk IT support has been given Cisco UCM traces and below is the snippet of the SDP of the INVITE packet.

How is this issue resolved?

A. Configure CODEC for G.729
B. Configure DTMF for RFC 2833.
C. Configure CODEC for G 722
D. Configure DTMF for KPML

Answer: D

Which Cisco Unity Connection handler plays a greeting that announces the option to dial a user extension by default?

A. the Goodbye call handler
B. the Operator call handler
C. the Directory handler
D. the Interview handler

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which two codec permutations should be transcoded by this dspfarm? (Choose two )

A. G.729ar8 to G.711alaw
B. iLBC to G.7l1ulaw
C. G.729r8 to G711ulaw
D. G.722 to G 729r8
E. G.729br8 to G711alaw

Answer: BE

Which two steps are required for bulk configuration transactions on the Cisco UCM database utilizing BAT? (Choose two)

A. A data file in comma-separated values format must be uploaded to Cisco UCM
B. A server template must be created in Cisco UCM.
C. A device template must be created in Cisco UCM.
D. A data file in Abstract Syntax Notation One format must be uploaded to Cisco UCM
E. A data file in Extensible Markup Language format must be uploaded to Cisco UCM

Answer: AC

A collaboration engineer troubleshoots issues with a Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series. The IPv4 address of the phone is reachable via ICMP and HTTP and the phone is registered to Cisco UCM. However, the engineer cannot reach the CLI of the phone.
Which two actions in Cisco UCM resolve the issue? (Choose two)

A. Enable FIPS Mode under Product Specific Configuration Layout in Cisco UCM
B. Enable Settings Access under Product Specific Configuration Layout in Cisco UCM.
C. Enable SSH Access under Product Specific Configuration Layout in Cisco UCM
D. Disable Web Access under Product Specific Configuration Layout in Cisco UCM
E. Set a username and password under Secure Shell Information in Cisco UCM

Answer: AC

What are two characteristics of jitter in voice and video over IP communications? (Choose two.)

A. The packets arrive at varying time intervals
B. The packets arrive out of sequence
C. The packets arrive with frame errors
D. The packets arrive at uniform time intervals.
E. The packets never arrive due to tail drop

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator configures a secure SIP trunk on Cisco UCM.
Which value is needed in the Secure Certificate Subject or Subject Alternate Name field to accomplish this task?

A. the fully qualified domain name of the remote device that is configured on the SIP trunk
B. the common name of the Cisco UCM CallManager certificate
C. the common name of the remote device certificates
D. the fully qualified domain name of all Cisco UCM nodes that run the CallManager service

Answer: D

An administrator works with an ISDN PRI that is connected to a third-party PBX.
The ISDN link does not come up; and the administrator finds that the third-party PBX uses the QSIG signalling method.
Which command enables the Cisco IOS Gateway to use QSIG signalling on the ISDN link?

A. isdn switch-type basic-qsig
B. isdn switch-type basic-ni
C. isdn switch-type primary-qsig
D. isdn incoming-voice voice

Answer: A

Which type of input is required when configuring a third-party SIP phone?

A. digest user
B. serial number
C. manufacturer
D. authorization code

Answer: D

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