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What is a functionality of the Waterfall method as compared to the Agile method for software development?

A. Waterfall increases agility to implement faster while Agile promotes reliability.
B. A phase begins after the previous phase has ended in Waterfall while Agile phases run in parallel.
C. Customers get feedback during the process in Waterfall while they can see the result at the end in Agile.
D. Requirements can be updated in Waterfall while in Agile it should be gathered in the beginning.

Answer: B

What is a benefit of using functions in the code for the development process?

A. better user experience in the end product
B. improves code performance
C. easier to compile the code
D. fester code development

Answer: D

What is the difference between YAML and JSON data structure?

A. YAML uses spaces; JSON uses parentheses
B. YAML uses indentation; JSON uses brackets and braces
C. YAML uses brackets and braces; JSON uses indentation
D. YAML uses parentheses; JSON uses spaces

Answer: A

A developer is working on a feature for a new application. The changes in the existing branch named ‘feat00304’ must be integrated into a single commit with the current working primary branch named ‘prodapp411926287’. Which git command must be used?

A. git rebase –merge feat00304
B. git merge –squash feat00304
C. git push –rebase feat00304
D. git checkout –squash feat00304

Answer: B

A file that already exists in a local repository is updated.
Which command must be executed to ensure that the changes in the file are included in the next Git commit?

A. git update
B. git merge
C. git add
D. git rebase

Answer: A

Into which type of Python data structure should common data formats be parsed?

A. sequence
B. set
C. dictionary
D. list

Answer: C

Several teams at a company are developing a new CRM solution to track customer interactions with a goal of improving customer satisfaction and driving higher revenue. The proposed solution contains these components:
– MySQL database that stores data about customers
– HTML5 and JavaScript UI that runs on Apache
– REST API written in Python
What are two advantages of applying the MVC design pattern to the development of the solution? (Choose two.)

A. to enable multiple views of the same data to be presented to different groups of users
B. to provide separation between the view and the model by ensuring that all logic is separated out into the controller
C. to ensure data consistency, which requires that changes to the view are also made to the model
D. to ensure that only one instance of the data model can be created
E. to provide only a single view of the data to ensure consistency

Answer: BD

Which HTTP code group is issued when a request is received successfully, understood, and processed?

A. 2xx
B. 3xx
C. 4xx
D. 5xx

Answer: A

A developer creates a web application that receives a username and password and uses them to sync the credentials to other services through HTTPS. API keys to services are part of the configuration files of the application, but the credentials to the database that stores the synchronization logs are obtained through an external vault service. What is the security issue in this scenario?

A. Communication between the application and the services is not encrypted.
B. The database credentials should be stored in the configuration files so that they are secured on the same server.
C. The API keys are stored in the configuration files but should be stored in the vault service.
D. The synchronization logs should be encrypted and not stored in a relational database.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer writes a Python script that uses two different API calls to query Cisco DNA Center for the number of interfaces on a device. The engineer notices that the two API calls produce different results. Why are fewer interfaces returned for the same device when the ‘get_all_interfaces’ API call is used?

A. times out
B. rate limit
C. pagination
D. invalid password

Answer: C

Why is refactoring done during test-driven development?

A. to enable larger objects and longer methods
B. to improve maintainability and readability
C. to ensure that the previous uses of the objects are explained
D. to ensure the duplication of essential code

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer must change the configuration on devices daily. The Python script must collect CLI arguments from the user, organize data according to the Cisco-IOS-XE-native YANG model, and utilize Cisco REST APIs to make the configuration.
Which workflow is being automated by the Python script?

A. updating an existing route on the device
B. adding a new route to a device
C. including a route on the device and overwriting the current routes
D. deleting the route that is passed through the command-line variables

Answer: A

Which platform is used to programmatically create a space and invite users for collaboration?

A. Cisco Intersight
B. Cisco Finesse
C. Cisco Webex
D. Cisco UCM

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. A developer wants to create a room named cisco through Webex API. The developer prepares the request by putting an API token inside the authorization header; however, the given HTTP call returns error code 400.
How must the call parameters be changed to ensure a valid response?

A. Replace the team body parameter with the name body parameter.
B. Replace cisco with a valid name for a team.
C. Change the token in the header with the authorization token.
D. Change the HTTP method of the call to PUT.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which line must be included in the Bash script for the Python code to succeed?

A. define WEBEX_TEAMS_ACCESS_TOKEN=your_access_token_here
B. export WEBEX_TEAMS_ACCESS_TOKEN=your_access_token_here
C. set WEBEX_TEAMS_ACCESS_TOKEN=your_access_token_here
D. WEBEX_TEAMS_ACCESS_TOKEN=your_access_token_here

Answer: B

What is a capability of the NETCONF protocol?

A. allows Python scripts to be executed externally from a network device
B. uses JSON to encode data in its content layer
C. allows XML messages to be exchanged via the SSH protocol
D. exposes a web-based interface

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer uses model-driven programmability to monitor and perform changes on the network. The network engineer decides to use the NETCONF RPC message to complete one of their tasks. What is accomplished by sending the RPC message?

A. The running-config of the device is returned.
B. The name of each interface is reset to a default name.
C. All the YANG capabilities supported by the device are returned.
D. A list of interface names is returned.

Answer: A

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