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New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Which result of the configuration snippet is true?

A. A VACL map in applied to VLAN 101 and VLAN 200
B. VACL acl is applied to VLAN 100 through 200
C. Acl is applied to all of the VLANs on the switch
D. Global statistics are provided for the ACL map

Answer: B
Explanation :

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. You have a Cisco Nexus 7010 switch namedN7k-1.

Which command set should you run on a neighboring Cisco Nexus 7010 swith to estabish a vPC+ environment that includes N7k-1?

A. Fabricpath switch-id 11 Vpc domain 11 Fabricpath switch-id 1100
B. Fabricpath switch-id 12 Vpc domain 11 Fabricpath switch-id 1100
C. Fabricpath switch-id 12 Vpc domain 11 Fabricpath switch-id 1200
D. Fabricpath switch-id 11 Vpc domain 12 Fabricpath switch-id 1101

Answer: B
In a vPC+ domain, a unique FabricPath switch ID is configured and the peer link is configured as a FabricPath core port.
This FabricPath switch ID under the vPC+ domain is called the Emulated switch ID. The Emulated switch ID must be the same between the two peers and must be unique per vPC+.”
“Fabricpath Switch-id ==> To configure the switch with the number to identify in the fabricpath domain.”
So the fabric-path switch-id must be unique, it is also derived from the MAC address, so it is obvious that is is unique.
But the switch-id under vpc domain is an emulated switch ID.

New Question
Refer to the exhibit, Which description of the output is true?

A. The default map-catch limit is used.
B. PETR is disable
C. The table output apply to the default VRF
D. The switch acts as an IPv4 LISP ETR

Answer: A

New Question
When configure HSPR on IPv6 enabled interface, which two configuration is correct?

A. switchA(config-if)# standby 6 preempt
B. switchA(config-if)# hsrp <group-number> ipv6
C. switchA(config-if)# key 6
D. switchA(config-if)# hsrp version 2
E. switchA(config-if)# priority <level>

Answer: BD
1. configure terminal
2. interface type number
3. ipv6 ipv6-address/length
4. hsrp version 2
5. hsrp group-number ipv6
6. ip ipv6-address [secondary]
7. ip autoconfig
8. no shutdown
9. show hsrp [group group-number] [ipv6]
10. copy running-config startup-config

New Question
You have a Cisco FabricPath network. You must implement Vpc+ for a downstream switch. Which three actions should you preform? (Choose three)

A. Configure the upstream switch to use PAgP in EtherChannel
B. Establish a peer link between the peer switch
C. Connect the downstream switch to a 10-Gb port
D. Configure a peer keep alive between the peer switches
E. Configure the switch ID on the peer switches
F. Configure the down switch to use PAgP on EtherChannel

Answer: BDE

New Question
You have a Cisco Fabric Path network, you must extend the network to support more than 18 million segment, what should you do?

A. Enable the interface feature and configure the VLAN IDs
B. Enable the nv overlay feature and configure the segment IDs
C. Enable the vn-segment-vlan-based feature and configure segment IDs
D. Enable the FabricPath feature and configure the VLAN IDs.

Answer: C
Higher scalability to address more Layer 2 segments: VLANs use a 12-bit VLAN ID to address Layer 2 segments, which results in limiting scalability of only 4094 VLANs. VXLAN uses a 24-bit segment ID known as the VXLAN network identifier (VNID), which enables up to 16 million VXLAN segments to coexist in the same administrative domain.

New Question
The following four questions concern the Nexus 7010’ s which are configured as a vPC pair at the core of a Data Center network.
You can utilize all the available show commands to answer the Questions Access to the running-configuration is not allowed.
Enter NX-OS commands on 7K-3 and 7K-4 to verity network operation and answer four multiplechoice questions
Click on the switch to gain access to the console of the switch. No console or enable passwords are required.
To access the multiple-choice questions, click on the numbered boxes on the loft of the top panel.
There are four multiple-choice questions with this task Be sure to answer all four questions before selecting the Next button

Within the vPC configuration of the 7K’s the command peer-gateway is configured as confirmed with the command show vpc. What is the result of enabling this command?

A. Enable 7k-3 to act as the active gateway for packet received on VLAN 101 that are addressed to the MAC address of 7k-4
B. Enables n7k-4 to use of the vpc peer link for forwarding packets received on VLAN 100 that are addressed to the MACRESS OF 7K-4
C. Generates IP redirect messages for packet switched though the peer-gateway router
D. Cause the HSRP active router to update the ARP table on the standby router for faster convergence after the vPC peer link has flapped
E. Allow the vpc peers to coordinate the IACP ID with must be the same on all links on all the port channel.

Answer: A
What peer gateway does is allow the nexus switches to route frames which are destined to the mac address of their peer device. In this way it works the same as HSRP in a vPC environment where both nexus switches forward the frames destined to either nexus’s physical mac addresses.

New Question
Which PIM configuration is supported in Cisco NX-OS?

A. Switch(config-if)tt ip pirn ssm default
B. switch(config-if)# ip pim sparse-mode
C. Switch(config-if)tf ip pim spase-mode
D. Switch(config-if)tf ip pim sparse-dense-mode

Answer: B

New Question
You have a vPC configuration with two functional peers. The peer link is up and the peer-link feature is restricted the spanning-tree operations in the configuration? (choose two)

A. The secondary switch process BPDUs only if the peer-link fails
B. The primary and secondary switch generate and process BPDUs
C. vPC imposes a rules that the peer link is always blocking
D. vPC removes some VLANs from the spanning tree form the spanning tree for vPC use
E. vPC requires the peer link to remain in the forwarding states.

Answer: AE
A vPC deployment has two main spanning-tree modifications that matter:
● vPC imposes the rule that the peer link should never be blocking because this link carries important traffic such as the Cisco Fabric Services over Ethernet (CFSoE) Protocol. The peer link is always forwarding.
● For vPC ports only, the operational primary switch generates and processes BPDUs. The operational secondary switch forwards BPDUs to the primary switch.

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. Which two options are results of the configuration on the Nexus_7k?

A. When the interface receives a packet triggering the violation, address learning is stopped and ingress traffic from the nonsecure MAC address is dropped
B. When the interface receives a packet triggering the violation, a syslog message is logged, address learning continues, and all traffic continues, and traffic continues to forwarded
C. Port security on the Ethernet 2/1 interface uses the dynamic method for MAC address leaning
D. When the interface receives a packet triggering the volition, the interface is error disable
E. Port security on the Ethernet 2/1 interface users the sticky method for MAC address learning all traffic continue to be

Answer: BC

New Question
Fibre Chanel IDs are dynamically assigned to which object?

A. FSPF packets
E. Cisco Fabric Services packets

Answer: C
When a device connects to the fabric switch, it will perform a fabric login (FLOGI). This tells the fabric about your World Wide Node Name (WWNN) and World Wide Port Names (WWPN). Think of WWNs like MAC addresses in the ethernet world. They are burned-in physical addresses. WWPNs are used in zoning.
The fabric will then assign a logical Fibre Channel ID (FCID) to each WWPN, which will be used for switching in the data plane. Think of these like IP addresses.


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