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A software development company is building cloud-ready applications and needs to determine the best approach for releasing software. Which of the following approaches should be used?

A. Perform QA, develop, test, and release to production
B. Test, perform QA, develop, and release to production
C. Develop, perform QA, test, and release to production
D. Develop, test, perform QA, and release to production

Answer: D

A customer recently provisioned a new server on the IaaS. The IP address assigned from the pool resolves to another hostname. Some user traffic is being dumped or is causing slowness because of this issue. Which of the following maintenance activities does the provider need to perform to prevent this issue?

A. Use cloud provider tools to remove orphaned resources.
B. Initiate resource reclamation.
C. Run a script to remove stale DNS entries.
D. Update outdated security firewall configurations.

Answer: C

A development team released a new version of an application and wants to deploy it to the cloud environment with a faster rollback and minimal downtime. Which of the following should the cloud administrator do to achieve this goal?

A. Use a rolling deployment to update all the servers in the PROD cloud environment with the new application. To switch to the previous version, repeat the process.
B. Deploy the application to the PROD cloud environment and the previous version to QA. To switch to the previous version, promote the QA environment to PROD.
C. Deploy the application to a subset of servers in the environment and route traffic to these servers.
To switch to the previous version, change the route to the non-updated servers.
D. Deploy the application to a staging environment and force a failover to this environment. To restore the previous version, create a backup and restore from the previous night’s backup.

Answer: A

A university is running a DNA decoding project that will take seven years if it runs on its current internal mainframe. The university negotiated a deal with a large cloud provider, which will donate its cloud resource to process the DNA decoding during the low peak time throughout the world. Which of the following is the MOST important resource the university should ask the cloud provider to donate?

A. A large storage for the DNA decoding results
B. A larger pipe to transfer the results
C. A closer datacenter to the university
D. Any available compute resource

Answer: C

A business is demanding faster IT services turnaround from its IT groups. The current lead time between request and delivery is three weeks for a task that would take a competitor two days. An architect is asked to develop a solution to reduce the lead time of the request while ensuring adherence to the company policies. Which of the following is the BEST approach to achieve the stated objective?

A. Document the desired state, complete a root cause analysis, and execute the flow.
B. Revise the schedule, implement a waterfall methodology, and flatten the network.
C. Identify deficiencies, optimize change management, and automate the workflow.
D. Follow the company policies, execute the flow, and document results.

Answer: A

A storage administrator must choose the best replication methodology for storage. The datacenters are on opposite sides of the country.
The RPO is 24 hours.
Replication and customer access use the same connections. Replication should not impact customer access during the day. Which of the following solutions would BEST meet these requirements?

A. Asynchronous
B. Regional
C. Multiregional
D. Synchronous

Answer: A

The InfoSec team has directed compliance database activity monitoring without agents on a hosted database server in the public IaaS. Which of the following configurations is needed to ensure this requirement is achieved?

A. Configure the agent configuration file to log to the syslog server.
B. Configure sniffing mode on database traffic.
C. Implement built-in database tracking functionality.
D. Implement database encryption and secure copy to the NAS.

Answer: B

Ann. a user, has tried to connect to a VM hosted in a private cloud using her directory services credentials. After three attempts, she realizes the keyboard was set to German instead of English, and she was typing “z” instead of “y”. After fixing this issue, Ann is still unable to log in; however, other users can access the VM. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A. The default language on Ann’s computer is German.
B. The account was locked.
C. Directory services are offline.
D. There is an account mismatch.
E. The account localization settings are incorrect.

Answer: E

A cloud administrator is integrating account logins with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for marketing and to increase market presence using social media platforms. Given this scenario, which of the following components are needed to match these requirements? (Select TWO).

B. SAML assertion
C. Security token
D. Identity provider
E. Session state

Answer: A,B,E

A company uses its own private cloud, which has few available resources. Mission-critical systems and other information systems are running on it. A new system will be deployed on the private cloud.
The following tests are included in the test plan:
Load test (2h)
Backup/restore test (6h)
Functional test (8h)
Failover test (1h)
The work schedule of the existing system is shown below.

To minimize the effect to the existing system, which of the following schedules is MOST suitable for the load test?

A. 02:00-04:00
B. 09:00-12:00
C. 18:00-20:00
D. 22:00-00:00

Answer: C

A cloud administrator is required to implement a solution to handle data-at-rest encryption requirements for a database. Which of the following would BEST satisfy the requirements?

A. Install an SSL certificate and only allow secure connections to the server.
B. Enable two-factor authentication on connections to the database server and log activities.
C. Activate memory encryption on the virtual server and store the certificates remotely.
D. Create a virtual encrypted disk, add it to the virtual server, and have the database write to it.

Answer: A


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