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Refer to the exhibit. Company ABC has implemented a Cisco TrustSec domain with an initial Cisco ACS server and Cisco Nexus 7000 CTS-DC.The company plans to extend the domain by adding an additional Cisco Nexus 7000 CTS-CORE.
Which three minimum configurations are required on CTS-CORE to join the domain? (Choose three.)

A.    Configure TrustSec domain.
B.    Configure interface “cts dot1x”.
C.    Configure local device ID and password.
D.    Configure as a “non-seed” device.
E.    Configure feature dot1x and cts.
F.    Configure RADIUS authentication, authorization, and accounting.

Answer: BCE

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is not true?

A.    Chassis 1 in blade 2 has a major fault.
B.    Those service profiles have a user acknowledge maintenance policy configured.
C.    If you check Acknowledge All and click Apply, the blades reload.
D.    Any user can acknowledge the reload

Answer: D
Cisco UCS Manager 2.2 Guide

Which option is the advantage of Cisco ACE SSL Offload?

A.    Export cipher suite
B.    Decentralized certificate management
C.    SSL encryption only
D.    Front-end SSL

Answer: D
SSL Guide vA5(1.0)

Which two options are advantages of deploying Ethernet-based FCoE switches such as the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches beyond the access layer? (Choose two)

A.    lower overall throughput compared to native Fibre Channel switches
B.    flexibility to support file (NAS) and block (iSCSI and FCoE) storage traffic
C.    High-performance Ethernet-based FCoE switches cannot be used in a dedicated SAN core.
D.    requirement for traffic isolation with dedicated links and storage VDCs is no longer required.
E.    plans that include 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet speeds

Answer: BE
The other options right off are not advantages lower over throughput not and advantage, cannot be used in a dedicated SAN Core, and storage VDCs are required.
Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches: Ethernet Storage Directors Ref: Storage VDC On Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about this command sequence when it is performed on a Cisco Nexus 5500 chassis is true?

A.    All VLANs except the FCoE VLAN are shut down on the interface.
B.    You must add the VLAN number to the shutdown command to specify which VLAN is to be shut down.
C.    There is no shutdown ian command.
D.    The interface is shut down and all traffic stops.
E.    The VLAN for FCoE traffic is shut down and FCoE traffic stops.

Answer: A

Which option lists valid network interfaces for VSM?

A.    Layer 2, Layer 3, and keepalive
B.    control, management, and packet
C.    management, Layer 2, and Layer 3
D.    management, packet, and VSM

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is not true?

A.    Network to server unicast traffic is forwarded to the server only if it arrives on the pinned uplink port.
B.    Unknown unicast messages that are received on the uplink interface frame are dropped.
C.    Unknown unicast messages that are received on the server interface frame are flooded to all the up-links and servers ports in the fabric interconnect where the packets are received.
D.    Broadcast messages that are received on server interface are flooded to server links and pinned port.

Answer: C

Which three statements about Cisco Device Manager Device View are true? (Choose three.)

A.    It can be used to configure zones for multiple VSANs
B.    Can be used to configure FC timer values on multiple switches simultaneously.
C.    it can be used to configure virtual Fibre Channel interfaces.
D.    it cannot be used to manage CLI security access to the switch.
E.    It cannot be used to configure Fibre Channel over Ethernet features.
F.    It can be used to manage ports, port channels, and trunking.

Answer: ACF

Which transceiver allows 40 GB Ethernet Connectivity by leveraging a single pair of multimode fibers?

A.    OSFP-40G-SR4
B.    OSFP-H40G-CU
C.    FET-40G
D.    QSFP-40G-SR-BD

Answer: D
Explanation: modules/transceiver-modules/data_sheet_c78-660083.html

Which Sticky method is supported by Cisco ACE?

A.    SIP
B.    SSL session ID
C.    scripted
D.    HTIP return code parsing

Answer: B

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