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New Question
An analyst is currently looking at the following output:

Which of the following security issues has been discovered based on the output?

A. Insider threat
B. License compliance violation
C. Unauthorized software
D. Misconfigured admin permissions

Answer: B

New Question
A company has purchased a new SaaS application and is in the process of configuring it to meet the company’s needs. The director of security has requested that the SaaS application be integrated into the company’s IAM processes. Which of the following configurations should the security administrator set up in order to complete this request?


Answer: B

New Question
An organization wants to implement a method to correct risks at the system/application layer. Which of the following is the BEST method to accomplish this goal?

B. IP tunneling
C. Web application firewall
D. Patch management

Answer: C

New Question
A company recently updated its website to increase sales. The new website uses PHP forms for leads and provides a directory with sales staff and their phone numbers. A systems administrator is concerned with the new website and provides the following log to support the concern:

Which of the following is the systems administrator MOST likely to suggest to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) based on the above?

A. Changing the account standard naming convention
B. Implementing account lockouts
C. Discontinuing the use of privileged accounts
D. Increasing the minimum password length from eight to ten characters

Answer: A

New Question
A company hired a firm to test the security posture of its database servers and determine if any vulnerabilities can be exploited. The company provided limited imformation pertaining to the infrastructure and database server. Which of the following forms of testing does this BEST describe?

A. Black box
B. Gray box
C. White box
D. Vulnerability scanning

Answer: B

New Question
When considering IoT systems, which of the following represents the GREATEST ongoing risk after a vulnerability has been discovered?

A. Difficult-to-update firmware
B. Tight integration to existing systems
C. IP address exhaustion
D. Not using industry standards

Answer: B

New Question
A systems administrator has been assigned to create accounts for summer interns. The interns are only authorized to be in the facility and operate computers under close supervision. They must also leave the facility at designated times each day. However, the interns can access intern file folders without supervision. Which of the following represents the BEST way to configure the accounts? (Select TWO.)

A. Implement time-of-day restrictions.
B. Modify archived data.
C. Access executive shared portals.
D. Create privileged accounts.
E. Enforce least privilege.

Answer: AD

New Question
An attachment that was emailed to finance employees contained an embedded message. The security administrator investigates and finds the intent was to conceal the embedded information from public view. Which of the following BEST describes this type of message?

A. Obfuscation
B. Stenography
C. Diffusion

Answer: A

New Question
If two employees are encrypting traffic between them using a single encryption key, which of the following agorithms are they using?

D. SHA-2

Answer: D

New Question
An organization hosts a public-facing website that contains a login page for users who are registered and authorized to access a secure, non-public section of the site. That non-public site hosts information that requires multifactor authentication for access. Which of the following access management approaches would be the BEST practice for the organization?

A. Username/password with TOTP
B. Username/password with pattern matching
C. Username/password with a PIN
D. Username/password with a CAPTCHA

Answer: D

New Question
A security administrator needs to configure remote access to a file share so it can only be accessed between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Files in the share can only be accessed by members of the same department as the data owner. Users should only be able to create files with approved extensions, which may differ by department. Which of the following access controls would be the MOST appropriate for this situation?


Answer: C

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