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Question: 1
Improving predictability is an important promise in Disciplined Agile. The best strategies to improve predictability is:

A. Provide adequate buffers
B. Limit the work-in-progress
C. Avoid risky work
D. Provide adequate resources

Answer: B
By limiting the work-in-progress, you can reduce the distractions, thereby improving predictability

Question: 2
A team is trying to explore the purpose, the domain and the usage of a product. Which process goal are they working on?

A. Plan the release
B. Identify architecture strategy
C. Explore scope
D. Develop test strategy

Answer: C
These decision points are part of the Explore Scope process goal

Question: 3
What is a correct description of the Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) framework for determining metrics used for governance?

A. Metrics that answer qualitative rather than quantitative questions
B. Questioning the metrics constantly to avoid getting sidetracked from the goal
C. Metrics that question whether the goal is appropriate or not
D. Identify the goals, select questions that clarify achievement of goals, and metrics that answer those questions

Answer: D
GQM framework aligns metrics with the goals by linking them with questions that ask “how do we know if -“

Question: 4
Disciplined agile recommends a high degree of empowerment for teams as part of the “Govern delivery team” process goal. What are some of the disadvantages of empowered teams? Select all that apply

A. Gives a lot of flexibility to the team
B. Teams can get clear role definitions that they can follow
C. Can be disconcerting for leadership and teams in the beginning
D. Teams may still need some governance and guardrails

Answer: C,D
Empowered teams are able to apply the authority and resources vested in them to move the product forward without excessive bureaucracy. But the organization needs to be comfortable with it (which may take time) and the team still needs some governance.

Question: 5
An agile team suffered a big setback when one of the seniormost team members decided to retire and left the team in the middle of a critical project. Still, they were able to bounce back and deliver the project. This team can be said to have demonstrated:

A. Resilience
B. Flexibility
C. Accountability
D. Innovation

Answer: A
Being able to bounce back from a crisis and unexpected events is called resilience

Question: 6
A team lead was a bit skeptical about the absence of the inception stage in the Continuous delivery life-cycle models. There is no inception stage in the Continuous Delivery Agile or Continuous Delivery Lean life-cycles because:

A. Inception is embedded in the construction phase
B. It probably has occurred in the past
C. It is not needed in these life-cycles
D. The product owner carries out inception external to the team

Answer: B
Inception is not explicity depicted in these life-cycle models because as they get into continuous delivery phase, they release frequently. It presumes that Inception activities may have been done in the past and may be done periodically – but not every iteration or for every delivery

Question: 7
Which of the following roles in a Disciplined Agile team may sometimes be a part time role?

A. Product owner
B. Architecture owner
C. Team Lead

Answer: C
Team Lead in Disciplined Agile teams may sometimes be part time

Question: 8
The product owner of a disciplined agile team wanted to make changes during an iteration to address an emergency situation. The team should:

A. Refuse to make the changes as it is not allowed to make changes in the middle of an itertion
B. Accept the change if it is necessary to respond to the situation immediately
C. Escalate the matter to the project sponsor and follow the management guidance
D. Accept the change but do not make any commitment about timely delivery

Answer: B
As part of “address changing stakeholder needs” process goal, DA doesn’t discourage making changes in the iteration if it lets the team respond to immediate needs

Question: 9
The skill level of the team has to be high for any product development activity and life-cycle model. Which of the following life-cycle is the least demanding in terms of overall team skill level?

A. Continuous Delivery Lean
B. Continuous Delivery Agile
C. Agile
D. Program
E. Lean
F. Waterfall

Answer: F
As the waterfall project can be divided into phases, it is possible to bring in required resources as required. Other models require a much more cross-functional and capable team

Question: 10
The Inception phase of a project will usually end up in:

A. Delighted stakeholders
B. Proven architecture
C. Consumable solution
D. Stakeholder vision

Answer: D
The outcome of the Inception phase is typically consensus around the stakeholder vision for the product

Question: 11
A large multi-disciplinary team is coming together for the first time at the Inception stage of a project. What is the most effective way to communicate the common vision of the product to the team?

A. Conduct a kick-off meeting
B. Develop a project charter
C. Publish the key milestones and product roadmap
D. Articulate the vision through multiple infographics
E. Document the vision in the form of a wiki page so it can be sent to multiple stakeholders

Answer: A
The kick-off meeting, often seen as the official start of the project is an effective way for people to meet each other – kicking off the team formation process. It is also an effective way to communicate the product vision to all at the same time

Question: 12
Which of the following situation best exemplifies the Disciplined Agile principle “Context counts”?

A. A team that lacks testing bandwidth decides to release a product with minimal verification
B. A team used to lightweight methods decided to document more in response to a regulatory need
C. A team decided to prioritize the work based on the needs of the customer
D. The Scrum master of a team decided to skip the demo as the team was exhausted after a sprint

Answer: B
Context counts – means that one size does not fit all. The process goals in choosing the Way-of-working have to be dictated by the context of the team. It does not mean making the wrong decisions, but choose the option based on the situation

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